Kyrkrundan – Churches open for you


Churches open in the summer

As you cycle along the Sjuhärad Circular Bike Trail you will pass several churches. They each have their own history, architecture and character. That makes them all worth a visit! Several of them are part of the “Churches open for you” project, in which 36 of Sjuhärad’s churches are open to visitors for at least three weeks during the summer. Check out the website for more information about which churches are participating in the project! The site also provides information about the various concerts, guided tours and other events organised by the churches during the summer. Of course, when you visit any of the churches in the “Churches open for you” project you can pick up a brochure that describes all of the participating churches.



You can also experience the treasures in the churches in other ways – all the churches actually contain a hidden “digital treasure”. An excellent way to embellish your bike ride for both you and your children!

In order to find the Kyrkrundan caches, you must go to and search for “Kyrkrundan”. 
Geogaching is a global treasure hunt. There are more than two million geocaches hidden all around the world. These is a small box, case or container that someone has hidden and given the coordinates for. They all contain a log book in which you write your name and sometimes there are also swap items in the container. You need a GPS device or smartphone to be able to participate in geocaching. Register at and download the app, which costs around SEK 70 (ca € 7).

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