Cycling hints

Time for a cycling holiday? Great! Here are a few hints and ideas that will make your trip comfortable..cykeltips-cykelleden-sjuharad

Make friends with your bike

Long cycle trips have an affect on your body. Remember to adjust your bike and the saddle so that they feel comfortable before you start. If possible, load up your bike and cycle a little before your trip, you will get used to cycling with a loaded bike.


Just as with everything else, quality pays. Ask for cycle panniers that have good safety hooks and fixings that mean that you can pack a heavy load and ride over uneven ground without the bags being affected. It is important to pack such that the load on the bike is as even as possible.


cykeltips-bra-att-veta-cykelled-sjuharadRemember to carry tools so that you can repair punctures if you get one. You can often find help along the way, but on certain sections it is just you and nature. Which is when a small tool set will prove a trusty friend.


Cycling causes a small amount of chafing, so jeans are not the best choice. As with all outdoor activities, it is a good idea to layer your clothes, so that you can remove layers as required. Remember to have some dry clothing packed that you can put on when you stop and cool down. Both rainwear and flexible boots are a necessity. It is a good idea to wear brightly coloured clothes so that you are visible!


Most important of all is the helmet. It saves lives. And remember that in Sweden children and young people under the age of 15 are required to wear helmets by law.


All bikes must be fitted with bells, although you can choose what you want it to sound like. cykeltips-matsack-rastplats-sjuharadsrundan
For more information about rules for cycling, please go to the Swedish Transport Authority’s website


It is a good idea to take along a good packed lunch, and don’t forget to fill up with water along the way! There are small shops all along the cycle path, but it is always a good idea to take a little extra energy with you. There are loads of places to take a food break all round the Sjuhärad Circular Trail.

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