Ulricehamn – Tranemo (43km)

This entire stretch is asphalted.

This is a fantastically beautiful section of the bike trail! You cycle alongside Lake Åsunden, with steep, verdant slopes and undulating landscape, with magnificent views of the lake. The stretch from Ulricehamn to Tranemo is entirely along car free disused railway tracks, with lovely views and picnic areas. This is also a popular day out with residents of Ulricehamn. There are loads of benches and tables where you can unpack your picnic hamper.


When you ride into Ulricehamn, we recommend that you take a break. The former railway area has been carefully converted into an area with lakeside huts offering kayak rental, a restaurant and other attractions. You can also rent bikes! Don’t miss the beautiful Cold Bath House! There is a long historical tradition of bathing in Lake Åsunden. This beautiful wooden building is located on a pier jutting out into the lake.

The old station house is home to the Tourist Office, where you can find out what the town has to offer to those arriving on two wheels.


Just past Ulricehamn you will pass Skottek, a memorial that was erected in remembrance of Sten Sture the Younger, who was hit by a cannonball and fatally injured in the battle on the ice of Lake Åsunden. This district used to be the border between Sweden and Denmark, and several battles ensued. Today, there is a campsite here that includes a cabin area and restaurant. Perfect for making an overnight stop.

Cooling tunnel

After Skottek we offer a mini-adventure. The cycle route now passes through an 80 metre long tunnel. If you are cycling on a hot summer’s day you will appreciate the cool it offers!


After Skottek we offer a mini-adventure. The cycle route now passes through an 80 metre long tunnel. If you are cycling on a hot summer’s day you will appreciate the cool it offers!

Lake Åsunden

Ride on through Näsboholm, an idyllic small cabin area on the eastern shore of Lake Åsunden. After passing the area you will find an unbelievably beautiful spot by the lake, why not stop here for a while?


You will then pass Vegby, a lovely little town on the shores of Lake Sämsjön. Take a break at the Hembygdsstugorna or at Sämsjöns strand on the lake shore, with its café and football golf, as well as great barbecue spots.


Månstad is a little village with more cows than inhabitants. The cycle route passes through the “village centre” which mainly consists of beautiful agricultural land and farms. Stop at the station area for a while and take the opportunity to grab a snack from the grill kiosk, walk to the Nature area or why not take a cooling shower?

Hofsnäs Herrgård

Just turn off the cycle route to enjoy a gourmet trip through Sjuhärad’s farms and nature at Hofsnäs Herrgård, one of West Sweden’s favourite restaurants. The food is not the only attraction here, the surroundings, and the historic atmosphere also make the detour well worthwhile.

Torpa Stenhus

If you want to stay in a historic location amid beautiful scenery, then Torpa Stenhus is an excellent choice.
It is one of Sweden’s best preserved 16th century manor houses. No manor house is complete without its own ghost (there are guided tours for the brave) and there are many exciting stories about the house. The manor also houses summer exhibitions that you can enjoy if you want to take a break from the road.

Keep your eyes open! There are loads of interesting small stops along the way.


We really recommend Glasets Hus in Limmared. You can experience everything you associate with a glassworks here, including glass exhibitions, glass blowing and, of course, hot shop herring. It also offers a café, a large fireplace and a beautiful winter garden in which to enjoy your food. The world-famous ABSOLUT vodka bottles are manufactured at The Limmared Glassworks.

You can even make a stop and eat delicious country cooking in the restored railway buildings of Limmareds Wärdshus. Very apt – given that you are riding along the railway embankment! IBe impressed by the new skateboard park (Note: Not for cycles, unfortunately) and look for bargains in the second-hand shops, there are several of them here!”

When you leave the village you will see the sign for Limmared Säteri. Follow it!
This is a farm shop selling a lot of local produce from the area around Sjuhärad. Meat from the farm, crispbread, pickles and other exciting delicacies from local producers in Sjuhäradsmat. Note: Remember to check the opening hours first. It is open at the end of the week and during the weekend, but if you call ahead, there is a good chance that they will open the doors for you!


Tranemo, quite logically, takes it name from “trana”, the Swedish word for crane.
You can see cranes, and many other birds, on Lake Tranemo, which gleams invitingly in the heart of the community. You shouldn’t miss the local church, either. It is a unique example of its type, with a hexagonal shape and seven towers. Tranemo is also a place to shop, bathe and much more, information is available from the Tourist Office!


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