Tranemo – Svenljunga (22km)

This stretch is mainly asphalted, but around 7 cm is firmly packed gravel. You can ride on asphalt the whole way if you choose the alternative route along County Road no. 156.

When you get to Tranemo the lakes become your travelling companions once again.


The main town of the municipality was named after the Swedish word for crane, “trana”. You can see cranes, and many other birds, on Lake Tranemo, which gleams invitingly in the heart of the community. Tranemo church lies close to the lake, along the cycle route, and is one of the local landmarks with its unusual hexagonal shape and seven towers. Most of the things you need in a stop can be found here. Food for hungry bellies, resting places for tired cycle legs, or shopping, bathing and cultural experiences for anyone who wants to take a break. The cycle route passes through the district and the Tourist Office is close by if you want more information for an adventure

Swap your cycle for a railbike?

If you want to make a detour from the route for a couple of kilometres, and swap your bike for a railbike, then pedal on from Tranemo towards Ambjörnarp, where the railbike stands and awaits you. Visit for more information about the railbike.


You are now passing the little community with an historically interesting group of buildings. You cycle past everything from luxurious stockbroker belt housing to functional workers’ cottages and self-build houses, all embedded in scenic surroundings. One of the large houses; “Fritidsgården” is now home to an exhibition covering Uddebo’s history.

Canoe paddling between Uddebo and Strömsfors

If you want to take a break from cycling for a while, why not swap your bike for a canoe and check out the art paddling between Uddebo and Strömsfors and enjoy art from the water.
If you are also hungry for a snack, or want to experience a unique historical environment, check out The Strömfors group’s website before going, so that you don’t miss the opening hours at Strömsfors bruk, which is somewhere that shouldn’t be missed while you’re here!

Bynanders Motor Museum

Bynanders Motor Museum is located right next to the trail. It’s one of Sweden’s most modern motor museums with around 60 cars and 120 motorbikes to admire, as well as a café.


Treat yourself to a break in Svenljunga! Most of the shops in this village cluster round its beautiful, cobbled square. If you want to top up your energy reserves, there are several cafés and restaurants.
Why not enjoy an ice cream right on the banks of the Ätran river. Another good way to spend your break is to follow the culture trail around the square, drinking in the descriptions and exhibits from Svenljunga market’s history.

And if you want to do something other than cycle, there is the fitness centre, Moga Fritid, one kilometre from the square. It also offers a café, swimming pool, steam sauna and other leisure activities.


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