Borås – Ulricehamn (47km)

This entire stretch is asphalted.

The entire route from Borås to Ulricehamn runs along the railway embankment that used to carry the old, disused railway. You will cycle also meadows, fields, farming villages, pretty picnic areas and a lot of refreshing lakes, so don’t forget your swimwear!


The cycle route begins in town, but don’t worry. There are clearly marked cycle routes, and the cycle paths are often well separated from the traffic. Cyclists are given a high priority in and around Borås! As you are already aware, cycling puts fresh air in your lungs and is an excellent way of getting to work. And it is an excellent way to spend your holidays. In Borås, they quite simply love cyclists.

When you leave Borås you come out onto the old railway embankment that will take you all the way to Ulricehamn, passing bathing lakes, cafés and other attractions.

There are a couple of climbs to the heights at Gånghester and Lofors, which actually meant that the train had to reverse to get the momentum to carry it over in the old days. Not least when the autumn leaves covered the rails.


Gånghester is a village where you can stop and buy refreshments, or enjoy a coffee break in a café. It is also home to the Eton shirt factory, a clear sign that you are in the heartland of the Swedish textile industry.


On the way you also pass a millpond, with the remains of the Dalsjöfors mill. There was a mill here as early as the 18th century and it is a great place to stop and take a break.


Stay at Välagården beside Lake Kleven ( 2.5 km from the trail). It offers accommodation for up to 30 people and a restaurant (NB only open for bookings from larger groups). Call and prebook!

Nitta and Älvåkers skafferi

Älvåkers skafferi is a great place to stop and recharge your batteries. It occupies a beautifully verdant locality by the side of Viskan. In addition to home-baked delicacies (usually organic and from local produce) you can also buy handicrafts and furnishings for home and farm. Don’t miss their fig pudding!

In the parish of Nitta there is a millpond that has been converted into a charming and peaceful picnic spot. And yes, of course you can bathe there as well.

If you are successful with your fishing, you can also catch your dinner in Lake Röstesjön. The lake is actually full of game fish. But remember that you must buy a fishing permit first.


At Härnasjön you can see the signs of a terrible derailment that occurred in 1919, around a year after the railway opened. The train driver waved to two children, lost control of the locomotive and plunged right down into the Härnasjön lake. Tragically, the train driver perished in the accident.


In the small community of Hökerum you can stop and visit Södra Vings church, which probably dates back to the early 12th century. It features a Romanesque door in the south wall and medieval paintings on the ceiling. There are two thousand-year old gravestones outside the church. You will also find spots to bathe on Lake Mogden if you are ready for that refreshing dip.


On a headland on the south side of Lake Mogden you can see the ruins of Väderholm’s fortified manor house, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. There are more ruined forts in the district. The reason for this was that West Sweden used to be a disputed border district between Swedish Västergötland, Danish Halland and the Norwegian Bohuslän. It was here, on the eastern and southern shores of Lake Mogden that one of these roads converged.

Three mounds are still visible at the fortress, where you can clearly see remains of the buildings which were only actually inhabited during the 14th and 15th centuries.


Just before Ulricehamn, on the northern shore of Lake Åsunden, is Prångens camping. Buy an ice cream, bathe or just unpack your tent and experience Ulricehamn’s nightlife!

When you cycle into Ulricehamn, we recommend you stop at the lake’s edge. The former railway area has been carefully converted into a pleasant area with beach huts offering kayak rental, a restaurant and café. You can also rent bikes here! The old station building now houses the Tourist Office, where you can get more information about current events.

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