• Torpa Stenhus
    Torpa Stenhus Do you have what it takes to face the castle ghosts in the Torpa House?
  • Hofsnäs
    Hofsnäs A historical place, its café / restaurant offers tasty food made with local products. Hofsnäs is a slight detour, but well worth a visit.
  • Limmareds glass house
    Limmareds glass house Visit Limmareds glass house and see where the famous Absolut bottle is made!
  • Älvåkers pantry
    Älvåkers pantry A recreational moment with birds singing, organic coffee and homemade cakes. A real gem!
  • Ulricehamns kallbadhus
    Ulricehamns kallbadhus An oasis to rest from the stress of everyday life. With massage and good food it should not be missed.
  • Uddebo
    Uddebo A small town on the trail with great history, do not miss their flea market! Take a break from cykling and test art paddling between Uddebo and Strömfors.

Sjuhärad Circular Bike Trail. You won’t find anywhere more beautiful in the countryside of West Sweden.

With more than 1,000 lakes, deep forests, a rich flora and fauna and roads lined with flowers, it is a beautiful place to enjoy by bike – at your own speed. Enjoy the wind in your hair, the agricultural countryside and the 150 km asphalted cycle route that takes you through an undulating landscape without having to strain yourself too much uphill. The Sjuhärad Circular Bike Trail mostly runs along an old railway embankment. This means that you will pass several beautiful station buildings, old railway bridges, and will occasionally be cycling above the tops of the spruce trees! And considering that 120 kilometres are completely car-free, it offers an excellent cycling experience for the whole family.

The entire cycle route is lined with attractions, accommodation and places you just want to stop at, simply to enjoy being there. Because that’s what will happen when you get there. Enjoy. Enjoy the nature, the calm lakes, the sun-heated wild strawberries along the road. Enjoy Sjuhärad.


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